Why Islabikes logo ?

Why Islabikes

As a cyclist, you know how important it is to get your bike to fit properly, and how much easier a light bike is to ride than a heavy one. After watching young cyclists struggle with bikes that weigh nearly as much as they do, fitted with adult sized components and stiff brakes that can't be reached, Isla, a highly acclaimed British bicycle designer, put her years of cycle design experience and practical cycling knowledge together to produce a range of exclusive bikes for children. She searched the world for suitable tiny components, and where they were not available had them made.

All bikes have child specific frame geometry and a full set of proportional components, including brakes that can be operated safely with small hands. Gear ratios are carefully selected to suit the age of the child. Each bike can be customized at the point of purchase with tires that exactly suit the intended use - you can also have a set of fenders and rear rack. This way each bike can be used for mountain biking and cyclo cross, as a track racing machine at your local track league, for going to school, touring holidays or days out exploring with the family.


Understanding the needs of a cycling family has lead to an obsessive attention to detail. In addition to the obvious things your Islabike will have:

  • Ball bearings in all rotating parts eg headset, bottom bracket, hubs, pedals – many of them sealed

  • Presta valves so you don't have to change the washer in your pump (but we'll fit Schrader if you prefer)

  • Quick release wheels on 20"+ so you don't have to remember a wrench when the kids are coming along

  • Cro-moly forks – lightweight, responsive and strong

  • Stainless steel spokes on 24"+, stronger wheels, easier to maintain

  • Fender eyes

  • Rack eyes on 20"+

We believe we have built the best bikes available for children whilst recognizing that a growing family is expensive and they must be affordable. We have spent your budget wisely - every part is specified because it improves performance, safety, comfort or ease of use. Many kids (and some parents!) are dazzled by all the latest gadgets but we believe that these too often drastically reduce the performance of a child's bike. Buy your child what you think they need, rather than what they think they want – when they discover they can ride further, faster and with more confidence than their friends they will thank you.

We know you want your kids to love cycling as much as you do – an Islabike will give them the best possible start.