The best way to master balance

Our Rothan offers toddlers the space to concentrate on balance so the move to a pedal bike will be smooth and easy.

We enjoy seeing Rothan balance bike riders jump on their first bike with pedals and easily learn to ride all on their own.

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best kid balance bike scoot first toddler

Size and weight have a big impact on small riders

Our Rothan is made of high quality, lightweight, 7005 T6 aluminum, so the bike weighs just 7 pounds, 9 ounces. We designed our Rothan to fit riders with an inseam of at least 12 inches, allowing children to sit and scoot from the age of two years. Toddlers can be chooshy, just like older riders, so we offer Rothan in three beautiful colors.


Control on a balance bike is key, so we keep it simple

Our Rothan is outfitted with an Islabikes aluminum stem and our own, small diameter aluminum handlebars. The handlebars, and our specially designed slim grips give tiny hands perfect control over the bike. Our integrated steering limiter prevents unnecessary tumbles by stopping the handlebars from spinning all the way around.


best balance bike scoot toddler


Fun, fast, and outfitted with a hand brake

Rothan riders can be quite speedy. Our Rothan is equipped with a rear V-brake, which we’ve mounted under the frame, so it’s kept safely out of the way of little legs. Our specially designed, micro-brake lever is made just for tiny hands, so your Rothan rider can stop the bike easily.


best balance bike scoot toddler


Small wheels with great features

Our Rothan is equipped with exclusive twelve inch, aluminum rims and narrow axle hubs with hex bolts. We’ve rounded the bolts so the rider’s ankles won’t catch on them painfully, and also prevents a parent’s legs from scratches while carrying the bike. Real pneumatic tires give riders the same comfortable experience of a real bicycle.


best balance bike toddler scoot

A scoop saddle instead of a bike saddle, a balance bike saddle

Our Rothan saddle is low slung and scoop shaped specifically for balance bike riders. The seat is comfortable and sized right so your toddler’s feet can reach the ground easily, which creates the best experience on this unique machine.