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Advice before ordering:

To ensure you order the most appropriately sized bike, please measure your child. The critical measurements needed are:

  • Your child’s height in socks or bare feet
  • Your child’s inseam in socks or bare feet*

*To measure the inseam ask your child to stand with their back to a wall in socks or bare feet, place a book between their legs, then slide the book up the wall until it firmly contacts their crotch.  Mark the wall at that point and measure from the mark to the floor.

Next, consult our size chart to calculate which bike will suit your child. Our minimum requirements for each model are absolute so your child must meet both height and inseam minimums for a safe and comfortable fit.

For fitting advice, please call our friendly customer services team, who will be happy to discuss your measurements and advise on the most appropriate size.



Click here for delivery information.


Once you have measured your child using our size chart, you can place your order online.  Simply find the correct bike, select a color and add to cart.  For delivery details, click here.


Once you have measured your child using our size chart, you can place your order over the phone by speaking to one of our trained fitting staff in customer services. We are happy to help recommend the correct size for your child. Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Pacific Time.  For delivery details, click here.

Visit our Fitting Studio

For personalized advice from one of our fitting experts and a chance to try one of our demo models, please call us at 503 954 2410 and make an appointment to visit our Fitting Studio.

We are located at 2113 SE 7th Avenue, just north of Division, and we are open from 9am to 5pm on Monday through Saturday.

Traveling Technician

Islabikes offers repair services, safety checks, accessory installation and bike delivery within the Portland area. Click here for more information.



You may pay for your order by credit or debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Please note we are unable to accept American Express.

We also operate a buy back program, where we offer up to a third of the original price of your Islabike, as a credit toward your next bike.