A lifelong love of cycling

Designing an Islabike is not just a matter of scaling down an adult bike. We take a holistic approach to our designs, knowing that every decision we make affects every other part of the bike. For example, we knew it was important for our bikes to have a narrow Q-factor so the pedals are the correct distance apart for a small rider. Otherwise, the rider’s legs splay out with each pedal stroke, compromising comfort and pedaling efficiency. Bringing the pedals closer together influenced the shape of the crank arms, which then informed decisions about frame geometry and drivetrain components.

Before Islabikes, many components required to accomplish these child-specific design goals didn’t exist. We needed to invest in our own molds for brake levers that are appropriately sized and equipped with mounts that fit our small diameter handlebars, which in turn require slim grips for our riders’ tiny hands. Then we set each brake so the lever engages at the point where a child’s hand is the strongest. Stopping easily gives kids confidence when they ride.

We will always strive to improve the design of our bikes, creating new components when necessary. We have not patented our designs, as we hope all manufacturers will continue to be inspired to innovate so high-quality bikes are more readily available to all children. Our aim is for everyone to have the best opportunity to enjoy a lifelong love of cycling.