Islabikes leads the way with easy shifting

We fit twist-grip shifters because they are far easier to understand and use than thumb shifters, especially for young children. Studies have shown that the range of hand strengths among five-year-olds is incredibly wide. While grip strength improves quickly past the age of five, nobody wants to wait to make the most of their bike. We adjust each Beinn 20 prior to shipping to ensure the light gear change action allows more children to enjoy the full capabilities of the bike right from the start.

The twist-grip shifter belongs to a range of components that improve the ride of the Beinn 20. All Beinn 20s arrive with a 32-tooth chainring and 32-tooth biggest sprocket, providing a very easy lowest gear. We specify SRAM derailleurs as they require less force to change gears.  Islabikes’ unique, custom-made parts, such as size-specific brake levers, handlebars, stems, saddles, and exclusive lightweight wheels, complete the Beinn build.

Parents can also play a part in ensuring their child’s bike works smoothly. Regular inspections of the gear cables and frequent cleaning of the bike keeps components free from mud and grime that can make shifting trickier. If the bike is used in muddy conditions or if it gets washed with a hose, we advise you change the gear cable quite regularly too.

At Islabikes we have a policy of continuous improvement, please let us know about your experiences with your Islabike. If you have any feedback you’d like to share, please do contact Tech Support at or at 503 954 2410.