Little things matter

Little things matter - brake levers

Making brakes accessible for and usable by tiny hands requires much more than fitting short-reach levers. Islabikes designed special levers, small diameter handlebars, and slim grips. Prior to delivery, a specially trained mechanic sets the spring tension and point of contact to make the brakes perform perfectly in the hands of a small cyclist.

Every Islabike is assembled and adjusted prior to shipping by one of our in-house, trained team of specialist mechanics. These professionals know exactly how to set up each bike.

Little things matter - bolts

Most of the small bolts on an Islabike are stainless steel to ensure that your bike looks good for longer.  Attention to details like this is one small reason Islabikes maintain excellent resale value.

When a child has an inevitable tumble while learning, standard front V-brake hinges are vulnerable to damage. Such a failure can go unnoticed until the next time the brakes are activated and the cable pulls through the hinge, which may cause the brake to fail. To address this, the V-brakes fitted to Islabikes have a unique, reinforced hinge to reduce the likelihood of damage. Always check the front brake with a few firm pulls after your child has taken a tumble.

Little things matter - Q-factor

Islabikes designed exclusive cranks that are closer together than standard, allowing pedals to be closer to the ground while maintaining a safe lean angle during cornering. Lower pedals make it easier to get both feet down while having the correct saddle height, resulting in safer, easier, more efficient, and comfortable cycling.

Handlebar grips often get damaged when a child drops their bike, leaving the open end of the handlebar exposed. Should the bike continue to be ridden and the child falls on to the exposed handlebar end, it can cause a serious injury as it acts like an apple corer. Check the handlebar grips frequently and never let your child ride with an unplugged end. Islabikes arrive with plugs underneath the grips so that even if the grip end gets ripped off, the open handlebar end is not exposed. In the unlikely event the plug gets lost too, give us a call and we will send replacements in the mail, free of charge.

Little things matter - cranks and pedals

Islabikes shaped the pedals so that they roll into the correct position under the foot, making it easier to start off, especially while learning. There is less chance of the foot slipping off while your child develops new motor skills.

We carry a full range of spare parts for our bikes. If your little one is unlucky enough to get a flat tire, give us a call and we’ll send a replacement tube in the mail.  Inner tubes in the smaller sizes can be hard to find, so you might consider ordering a spare with your bike.

Little things matter - saddles

Most saddles on kids’ bikes are wider than adult saddles, pushing the child forward on the seat. Islabikes designed saddles ergonomically in order to fit the actual dimensions of the child rider, making them more comfortable and more efficient.