kids best cyclocross CX race bike carbon fork disc brake tubeless ready

Developed from our extensive experience of elite racing

The Luath Pro Series are focused, pure performance bikes. No corners have been cut with every detail refined and proven in the field.

The Luath Pro Series is being discontinued.

The remaining stock of this market-leading ‘cross bike will be available at $1399.99.

kids best cyclocross CX race bike carbon fork disc brake tubeless ready

‘Cross optimized frame

The heart of the Luath Pro Series is the smooth welded, ultra light, 7005 series aluminum frame. Following rigorous testing an elegant hydroformed top tube has been developed with superb strength and lightweight properties. The hydroforming process allows us to integrate a specially flattened profile for comfortable shouldering.  Narrow gauge, horizontally flattened seatstays result in a race-tuned rear triangle which allows for a little inbuilt ride compliance, helping the racer to keep the power up when the going gets rough.

Following extensive testing by our team riders we’ve decided to buck recent trends and routed the gear cable underneath the bottom bracket. This is the shortest possible path for the cable to the rear derailleur and ensures the lowest friction in the cable, resulting in the lightest possible shifting action for smaller hands. This also allows us to leave the top tube free of cable guides which significantly improves comfort when shouldering the bike. As part of our preparation outer cable sections are left as short as possible, further reducing resistance in the shift whilst allowing water and dirt to drain more easily and helping to maintain shifting performance in the filthiest conditions.

Learn more about our geometry

kids best cyclocross CX race bike carbon fork disc brake tubeless ready

Light, responsive handling

Exclusive, Islabikes, full carbon, cyclocross disc fork gives the lightest possible weight, premium ride comfort and confident, stable handling.

Full UD carbon construction of the fork legs, crown and steerer results in very light weights of approximately 396 grams (Luath 24) to 424 grams (Luath 700) . Our monocoque design features flattened leg profiles for further weight saving and to ensure direct steering predictability. The legs are subtly tapered in shape, adding a little ride compliance. Forward facing dropouts counteract the forces applied to the axle under braking and ensure the wheel stays securely in place. Internal routing keeps the brake hose neatly out of harm’s way and we’ve even carefully shaped the tip to help locate the wheel for easy wheel fitting.

Thinking of the future and potential upgrade options we’ve specified the latest “flat mounts” disc mounting standards, so frame and fork are future and backwards compatible. Current hydraulic road levers are too large for comfortable use by smaller hands, but this may change in the future.

In spite of their exceptionally low weight the forks are built to be extremely durable and withstand rigorous loads, over-and-above testing.

kids best cyclocross CX race bike carbon fork disc brake tubeless ready

Consistent braking

Disc brakes are increasingly commonplace on ‘cross bikes, offering consistent, reliable braking when racing conditions are at their worst.

Shimano’s mechanical STI levers currently offer the smallest hood profile, especially when compared to the current available hydraulic levers, so they were the obvious lever of choice for the Luath Pro Series. High specification Ultegra shifters feature lightweight carbon lever blades which we modify with extra long adjuster screws and adjust for the shortest possible reach. Combined with narrow handlebar diameters and thin but comfortable Lizard Skins bar tape, brake reach and power for smaller hands is optimized as never before.  Avid BB7 Road S disc brake calipers paired with 140mm rotors provide excellent stopping power, are lightweight and are easy to maintain. Combined with the Shimano levers, the calipers also provide good pad clearance which is particularly important in wet or muddy conditions.

Our Luath 24 and 26 also feature top mounted brake levers for additional braking confidence for the younger rider. Very light Tektro carbon fiber levers incur a minimal weight penalty and work extremely effectively with the Avid disc brakes.

kids best cyclocross CX race bike carbon fork disc brake tubeless ready

Impeccable control

Islabikes’ custom designed drop handlebars are the result of years of development, feedback and careful observation of youth ‘cross racing. 

Developed specifically for smaller hands and arms, shaped and sized to improve grip, comfort and reach to the brake levers. These bars improve control and help to reduce fatigue, allowing the rider to focus fully on the course ahead.

Pro Series Luath 24 and 26 bars feature an extra narrow diameter and a very short and shallow shape which brings the lever into the bar for easy reach without compromising set up. With a slightly wider diameter for slightly larger hands, the Luath 700 bars are perfectly configured, allowing the young racer to fully take advantage of all available hand positions with comfortable grip and reach to the brakes. Constructed from double butted aluminum tubing, all Luath bars are lightweight, robust and able to withstand the demands of competitive racing.

Finally we wrap the bars with Lizard Skins DSP 1.8mm bar tape. This tape is durable, tacky and thin, offering excellent confidence in wet conditions and complementing the narrow bar diameter to provide very comfortable grip for smaller hands.

kids best cyclocross CX race bike carbon fork disc brake tubeless ready

Proven shifting reliability in the toughest conditions

An 11-speed Shimano Ultegra derailleur and shifter, pairs with a lightweight 11-36t Sram cassette allowing a wide gear range. The setup is lightweight, reliable and easy to maintain when paired with a single chainring.

We’ve opted for a lightweight aluminum double chainguard with an aluminum single chainring. As used by a number of our team riders, this system of chain retention has proven 100% reliable in the worst imaginable conditions at countless ‘cross races. It also means we can fit a lighter weight, lighter action, non-clutch equipped Shimano Ultegra rear derailleur.

kids best cyclocross CX race bike carbon fork disc brake tubeless ready

Maximizing rider input

Correct crank lengths are essential for pedaling efficiency and comfort.

More than just a shorter crank arm, Pro Series aluminum cranks are specifically sized for smaller riders and designed for very low Q factor and light weight.

Q factor is the distance between the cranks which dictates the spacing of the pedals. This is a particularly important consideration for smaller riders where, as a result of being shorter in the leg, their feet need to be closer together. The Luath cranks have a very low Q factor of 135mm, which combined with proportionally sized crank arms maximize comfort and ensure pedaling efficiency. This low Q factor also means we can reduce the bottom bracket height to improve standover whilst lending the bike a planted feel when cornering.

The crank arms benefit from a tough, blackb anodized finish, while outer faces are polished, resisting scuffs and rub marks which help to ensure the cranks retain their good looks. The 104BCD chainring ensures easy changing of the chainring for racers looking to fine-tune their gear ratios.

kids best cyclocross CX race bike carbon fork disc brake tubeless ready

Effortless speed

Nothing contributes more to the ride feel of a bike more than the wheel set. Stan’s No-Tubes Crest rims laced to Islabikes super lightweight aluminum disc hubs result in a very light, race-ready wheelset.

Stan’s Crest rims are lightweight, durable and tubeless ready. Going tubeless offers lower weight and the ability to run lower pressures with reduced puncture risk for increased grip and ride comfort. This is particularly beneficial in ‘cross where lower tire pressures can make all the difference when wringing out the last inch of grip from your tires when the course turns to slop.

Premium Islabikes forged aluminum disc hubs feature cartridge bearings for smooth rolling, low maintenance and reliability. Combined with stainless, narrow gauge, double-butted spokes and aluminum nipples these form the basis of a strong, light wheelset which is race ready.

Finally, we don’t ignore the little details. Our hollow axle, cro-moly quick release skewers weigh a svelte 61 grams for the pair, saving critical weight on race day.

kids best cyclocross CX race bike carbon fork disc brake tubeless ready

Fast and grippy

Designed by us to perfectly complement our Pro Series models, these exclusive tires significantly enhance riding performance.

Drawing on our in-house expertise and extensive racing experience, we started from the ground up, creating a tubeless-ready tire that’s sized perfectly in proportion with each model of bike. Tread design has been optimized for cyclocross, offering aggressive cornering and braking grip in muddy conditions.  Supple 185TPI casing creates smooth riding characteristics over rough ground and the kevlar bead help keep the tire weights competitively low, reducing critical rotating mass. This all means the bike accelerates more readily, effortlessly turning the rider’s pedaling effort into rapid forward motion. A light wheel is also easier to stop, improving braking performance and confidence.


kids best cyclocross CX race bike carbon fork disc brake tubeless ready

Durable yet light

Bottom brackets are often a hidden downgrade, even on high end bikes  not so with our Pro Series.

Here you’ll find a hollow titanium spindle with a carbon fiber shell for lightweight, reliable and smooth pedaling. We use cartridge bottom brackets as they are available in a wide range of sizes, meaning that we can design around the perfect spindle width when developing our exclusive low Q factor cranks.