A serious mountain bike for youngsters serious about mountain biking

If your kid’s passion is to seek out gnarly single track, the Creig is the right tool for the job.  

Designed specifically for youth riders seeking top performance, every component has been selected to perfectly meet their proportions. 

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kids mountain bike children bicycles

An elite experience

Islabikes’ expertise in positioning a child’s body on a bicycle comes from years of experience competing in elite level competition. We know how an off-road bike needs to perform, and how it needs to feel. The aluminium 7005 series T6 heat treated Creig frame is Islabikes’ own design and features a new down tube profile, creating perfect fork clearance and increased front end strength. The Creig features adjustable air sprung front suspension, with hydraulic lockout and external rebound, which is tuned specifically to respond harmoniously with a lightweight rider.

kids mountain bike children bicycles

Big concepts for small riders

Our Creig is equipped with a SRAM twist grip shifter, which provides better control for small hands.  Combined with the new SRAM GX T2 clutch rear derailleur, this provides precise and slick shifting no matter what the terrain. Just like in our Pro Series, a 1 x 10 drivetrain with a single front chainring provides ambitious young riders with a generous range of gears just right for tricky climbs and quick descents. The 104 BCD narrow / wide aluminium chain ring provides dependable chain retention in case the trail gets rough, while still offering fine tuned gearing.

kids mountain bike children bicycles

The right saddle

A perfectly proportioned saddle designed just for Islabikes to fit a child’s narrow hips, provides great support and a comfortable position with no unnecessary bulk. Because of its size, our saddle allows the rider to easily slip back over the rear wheel, keeping the bike balanced on descents when riding out of the saddle.

best kid mountain bike suspension disc brake

Light going up, steady on downhills

The Creig is equipped with ultra light and strong, alloy, disc-specific rims built with light gauge stainless steel spokes to create a light and compliant feel when climbing and full control on descents.  Vee’s Crown GEM 2.25″ wide tires are particularly suitable for lighter riders. They are well-made with strong but flexible sidewalls and provide great grip on a wide variety of terrains and surfaces.