Multi purpose kids' bikes

Ride more, go further, cycle everywhere

Our Beinn series of extremely lightweight, ergonomically-proportioned kids’ bikes are the ideal tools to fuel your child’s bicycling dreams.

The ultra practical design of the Beinn, along with equipment choices, are just right for any sort of cycling adventure.


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Cycling with no limits

The Beinn frames are made from strong, super light, slim tubed aluminum.  They are incredibly simple for riders to pedal uphill, maneuver on trails, or even ride to school.

Each frame has been designed to perfectly fit the way a child’s body is shaped, ensuring the bike offers superb control, safety and comfort.

Islabikes custom fenders and luggage racks fit any bike in the Beinn range, so your child’s bicycle is ready for everything.


Some of the details that differentiate an Islabike

Beinns are equipped with high quality, exclusive components. Our pedals are designed to contact the child’s shoe at just the right angle for starting off.  Our lightweight, aluminum, size specific chain sets are custom made for children’s small legs. The two sided chainguard keeps clothes and legs clean and safe. The distance between the pedals, referred to as the Q-factor, is ultra narrow, which allows the rider’s feet to reach the ground easily, have a comfortable pedal stroke, and ensures they won’t clip a pedal when leaning into a turn.



Simple and straightforward gears

Children enjoy shifting gears, and gives them the capability to pedal at different efforts and speeds so they can do much more with their bike. We equip the Beinn with easy-to-use SRAM grip shifters, so your child merely twists the grip to shift gears. Our wide-ratio cassettes add a generous selection of gears.



Strong and powerful, Light and slim

Our aluminum handlebars are custom made and angled to fit the proportions of a smaller rider’s narrow shoulders. Comfortable, super slim rubber grips feature large diameter ends for safety. Islabikes’ exclusive, micro reach, aluminum brake levers create powerful braking with very light action. All of this is mounted to the bike with our own lightweight stem.



A saddle made just for kids

We have put a lot of effort into designing the saddle for our bikes.  Using our experience and knowledge, we designed saddles that are proportioned perfectly to a child’s body so they will enjoy comfort and support without extra bulk.



Lightweight wheels for a great ride

The weight and quality of bike wheels has a huge impact on how a bike feels to the rider. With that in mind, we’ve equipped the Beinn with our exclusive aluminum rims.  Our wheels have quick releases for quick removal, and our own multi-surface Islabikes tires, which feature a puncture resistant belt and a reflective sidewall stripe for safety.  The rims have a strong box-section profile so they’ll stay true for a very long time.