Starter bikes for kids

Learning to ride is one of the stepping stones to independence.

There is no better first pedal bike than one of our Cnocs.

Each model is designed with child-specific geometry and exclusive, specifically designed components to ensure 

successful riding from the very start.

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Cnoc frames

The road to enjoying cycling starts with a well-fitting, lightweight frame

The Cnoc’s lightweight, aluminum frames are custom-made to suit the proportions of children’s bodies perfectly. The Cnoc feels safe and comfortable and is fun to ride. A premium chromoly fork takes the bumps out of riding and durable, vibrant paint makes the Cnoc look as good as it feels.

Cnoc chainguard

Each component is made specifically for children

Islabikes designed pedals that rest at the ideal angle to start pedaling and combine perfectly with lightweight, aluminum cranks that are custom made to create a narrow fit, or Q-factor, for little legs. Small chain rings and cogs offer a perfect learning gear and our exclusive free floating chainguard keeps grease away from hands, legs, and clothing.


Cnoc brake lever

Great control builds great confidence

We’ve spent years designing our own series of stems and handlebars to make sure your child has control while riding. Our custom made, small diameter handlebars and grips put hands in the perfect position, allowing for easy reach of the brake levers.

Islabikes tires

Quick to start, safe to stop

Islabikes leads the way with exclusive, micro reach, child specific, aluminum brake levers that small hands can operate safely and easily. These combine with our extremely effective miniature V brakes, reinforced cable hardware, and lightweight alloy rims for the wheels, ensuring an Islabike rider can stop without difficulty.

Cnoc wheels

Lightweight, fast-spinning, smooth rolling

Kids’ bikes are often equipped with heavy, simple wheels. At Islabikes, we created something much better.  Islabikes wheels are equipped with lightweight, custom aluminium rims and hubs, which are laced with just the right amount of slender, lightweight spokes. We equip the wheels with high quality, easy-rolling Islabikes tires, featuring a reflective strip on the sidewall for visibility.

Cnoc saddle

A child’s saddle designed for children

Islabikes’ excellent design really shows in the seat. Over the years, our design team has continually refined and redesigned these ergonomic little saddles to make the most perfectly suited saddles on any children’s bike. They enhance comfort and performance by ensuring that children sit correctly and in the ideal position in relation to the pedals.