Traveling Technician Services and Pricing

Islabikes is proud to offer repair services by cargo bike in the Portland, Oregon area.

Schedule a service and one of our trained technicians will travel to your location via cargo bike with all of the tools and parts necessary to service your Islabike! Our Traveling Technician is available between 10am and 5pm, Monday through Friday with extended hours until 8pm on Thursdays. The service can take place in your home, office, or a safe place outside like a driveway. If you don’t know what your bike may need, our technician will happily provide a free safety check and a quote for any suggested repairs.  The Islabikes technician will accept payment via credit card upon completion of the service.

We currently offer the service in the gray area below:

Please call us at 503 954 2410 for scheduling, pricing or if you have any further questions.

Services offered:

We offer the following à la carte services:

  • Flat repair – $9.99 (includes new tube)
  • Replace brake pads – $14.99 per brake (includes pads)
  • Cable and housing replacement – $14.99 per brake or derailleur (includes cable and housing)

Choose 2 of the below services for $25, 4 for $40, or 8 for $60:  (unless noted, parts are not included in the cost)

  • Installation of chain, cassette, saddle, water bottle cage, kickstand, grips, pedals, and tires
  • Replace cable and housing for 1 brake or derailleur (includes cable and housing)
  • Replace brake pads for 1 brake (includes brake pads)
  • Minor wheel true
  • Derailleur hanger alignment
  • Stem installation
  • Handlebar tape installation
  • Adjustment of brakes or derailleur
  • Installation of replacement derailleur hanger

These services count as 2 for the above scale:

  • Fender installation
  • Rack installation
  • Bottom bracket installation
  • Hub overhaul

We also offer full tune-ups that include the following:

  • Frame and fork inspection
  • Tires checked for wear and proper pressure
  • Wheels inspected (bearings adjusted and wheels trued and tensioned if necessary)
  • Brake cable and housing replaced and brakes adjusted
  • Brake noodles replaced
  • Brake pads replaced
  • Shift cable and housing replaced and shifting adjusted (for geared bikes)
  • Derailleur hanger alignment adjusted (for geared bikes)
  • Bar tape replaced (for Luaths)

Full tune-up costs by model:

  • Rothan full tune-up: $40
  • Cnoc full tune-up: $60
  • Beinn full tune-up: $75
  • Luath full tune-up: $100

Please call us at 503 954 2410 for scheduling, pricing or if you have any further questions.