Why Islabikes?

Islabikes are designed with a pronounced focus on the details that many brands ignore.

Getting that detail just right is crucial for any rider, but it’s even more crucial on bikes made to suit the demands of fast-developing bodies and easily distracted minds of children. Islabikes offer young riders the fair advantage.

In a market that seems to offer an extensive choice of good looking bikes, it isn’t always obvious that many of them are compromised by poor fit, inappropriate parts and burdensome weight. Isla Rowntree’s extensive experience in riding, bike design and custom frame building has allowed her to produce a range of bikes that are simply perfect for the job. The bikes are built as light as is practically possible and everything is appropriately sized. In short, every single part of an Islabike is designed or chosen to suit its rider. First impressions count, and young riders need as many advantages as they can get in their formative years. Children will never forget their Islabikes.

Isla’s obsessive attention to the practical detailing, ride-ability and durability of every bike reflects an unrivaled appreciation of each rider’s needs. Every Islabike incorporates size-specific frame design and proportionally-sized components, including brakes that can be operated confidently with small hands. The gearing, crank lengths and components are all chosen to be ergonomically perfect for the size range the bike has been made for. This level of attention is unique in children’s bike design.


Don’t just take our word for it, here is a selection of reviews and articles that have been published about Islabikes



After talking with founder Isla Rowntree, a renowned British bicycle designer—and one of the few female designers in the industry— I was convinced. Our “fast fashion” mentality towards kids’ bicycles is doing them and the environment a disservice. Performance bikes for tykes makes total sense.

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Like all the Islabikes models, even the balance bike has thoughtful and quality kid-centric touches: The wheels have strong rims which allows them to have fewer spokes and thus reduce weight; they use real bearings in the headset; the bolts that hold the wheels on have rounded nuts so little legs don’t get bruised; the hand-brake is specially designed by Islabike for tiny hands. And overall, it’s got the same quality feel you’d expect in a “real” adult bike.

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Red Kite Prayer

The Rothan is the most compelling balance bike I’ve encountered. Let’s start with the fact that by their own analysis, the Rothan can accommodate kids a short as 34.5 inches, with an inseam of 12 inches. No other balance bike I’ve uncovered can accommodate kids as small, largely because it dispenses with a traditional top tube.

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Cnoc 14 large / Age 3+ / pink


Adventure Family In Motion

Our experience with Islabikes has been superior to all expectations. They are producing well-built kids’ bikes that have quality components and are built with tough falls and learning in mind. Our little girl is riding a pedal bike at three years old! She is totally enjoying the experience and we are excited to have found her a bike of this caliber to learn on. Thanks Islabikes for making an amazing bike for our little cyclist.

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Rascal Rides

What isn’t there to love about the construction of the Cnoc 14?  Just about everything on the bike is aluminum (the frame, brake levers, wheels, handlebars, etc) which means it is both lightweight and durable.  Both the headset and bottom bracket have sealed bearings to keep water and grime out and provide long-lasting performance.  The brake levers are small and easy for little hands to operate.

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best kid light children bicycle


5 Minutes For Mom

If you’re looking for a quality, lightweight, aluminum bicycle for your child, you’ll be thrilled to discover Islabikes. Starting with balance bikes for 2 year olds, you’ll find the perfect size bike for every age and stage as your children grow and advance in their cycling skills.

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For those parents out there looking to upgrade their young rider to something that will help them keep up on “real” mountain bike rides, the Beinn is definitely worth a look. The light weight of the Beinn helps the rider climb and handle the bike better than a lot of the more well-known models out there that are similar in size but weigh more.

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Cyclocross Magazine

Every component spec of Islabikes models is carefully selected for proper fit, from the size of the grips, to the light action of the twist shifters to the reach of the V-brakes. The cockpit is also specifically sized with proportional considerations taken on the size and shape of the saddle, the handlebars, the stem and even the included pedals. Downsized pedals and saddles like the ones on the Islabikes Beinn are very hard to find (we’ve tried), even as stock equipment on other kid’s bikes. If Islabikes ever sells these accessories separately, every parent of a young ’crosser should rush to order them.

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Sahm Reviews

Bikes for kids aren’t always high quality as much as they are designed for durability. Steel bikes are less expensive than aluminum ones which is fine since kids grow like weeds and often outgrow them so quickly. We’ve come to realize that sometimes cheaper isn’t better. In our case, it stifled the way we were able to be active together. While the price of Islabikes are more expensive than what you would find at Walmart, they’re also available in the right size and material.

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Two Wheeling Tots

Overall, my impression of the Luath was hands-down amazing, mixed with a healthy dose of jealousy. It’s fantastic to see Islabikes doing such a great job bringing quality bikes to the industry and as a result, fostering new riders and growth in the sport I love. On the other….I really wished I had this caliber of race bike when I was a kid starting out. Brilliant bike, fantastic quality, and amazing versatility. Well done Isla. Well done

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Luath 700 / Age 11+ / teal

Akron Ohio Moms

The shape of this Islabike is very similar to the professional bicycles I see on the roads, however this bike it proportioned for my child. A bicycle should never be a one-size-fits-all. The Luath 700 offers short-reach brake leversl with top-mount supplementary levers that fit my son’s hands perfectly for safe stopping. The proportional anatomic dropped handlebars are comfortable for my son for long distance biking on all surfaces including smooth paved, grassy, dirt, and the crushed limestone and boardwalk of the Towpath.

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The Creig 24 from Islabikes is a high-quality, lightweight kids mountain bike designed for riders 8-years-old and up. With a smart spec and simple design, the Creig 24 makes mountain biking fun and accessible for kids, while minimizing adult frustration.

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The Simple Moms

Aside from its light weight, the Creig 24 is stacked with quality components.  When I talk about things like the SRAM GX shifters/derailleurs, 10 speed rear cassette, hydraulic disc brakes, RST front suspension and 1×10 gearing my wife thinks I am speaking in a different language, {Shannon piping in…and he TOTALLY IS speaking a different language!!} and most people would.  These are things that separate the Creig 24 from anyone else in the market.  They didn’t cut any corners with any bikes in their line to be honest.  Quality components not only allow a bike to perform that much better but they also will last much longer.

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Pro Series

Bike Radar

Islabikes can arguably be credited with revolutionizing the kid’s bike market, creating high quality, low weight machines a cut above the usual superstore fodder. With its new Pro Series range, the brand has taken another leap forward, creating a full range of race-ready bikes stuffed with technology comparable to top-end adult machines.

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